Regular Housecleaning
(Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly)

* The cleaning service rates below are simply base/starting rates. The rate to clean your home will depend on the square footage of your home and how often you need cleaning.

Prices depend upon the frequency, size of your home and level of cleaning needed.

Appointment is scheduled so that an accurate quote can be given.

Cleaning Service Rates

Your home will be estimated based on the following conditions: 

1.  Normal cleaning
2.  Medium cleaning
3.  Heavy cleaning
4.  Extreme cleaning 
5.  Number of people living in the home
6.  Number of pets in the home
7.  Size of the home and areas to be cleaned
New Construction Cleanings
This is priced for brand new homes/condos/townhouses, etc.
Norman rates are $ .20 per square foot of finished living space.
If repeated cleanings requested by contractor, price will be adjusted due to the
cleaning hours that would be needed.

Remodel Cleanings
Quoted for each job

Move-in/Move-Out Cleans
Includes cleaning list for deep cleaning, click here for listing
Quoted for each job

One Time Cleanings
Quoted for each job

Rental Property Cleaning
Quoted for each job

Moving Assistance

Need Help Packing up your personal items to move?

Assistance with Parties, Special Events?

Closet Organization
Are your closets a mess?  We can help!!
We can pack away your seasonal clothing and items in YOUR storage containers. 
**Prefer to work with plastic containers so we can label contents.
You supply the containers and labeling supplies and we will do the work for you.

Heavy Pet Charge
Should you have heavy pet hair and dander, your  housecleaning rate
will increase $20 every cleaning
Spring/Fall  Cleaning

You will absolutely be thrilled with your home being cleaned from top to bottom.  Please click HERE for a list of what is done in our cleanings. 

Price Quoted for each job
Initial Cleaning

Price Quoted for each job

The first cleaning of your home is the most time consuming.  Please do not automatically assume that you will only be charged the "maintanence cleaning" rate for the FIRST cleaning.  (This rate will be giving when we meet for an appointment for me to view your home).  It has been my past experience that most people try to only survive with the maintenance cleaning, we see things that we usually do on the deep cleaning and feel like we cannot fully get the best results for you.  So, we do the deep cleaning ALWAYS.

If you have had a regular cleaning service very recent and are just not happy with their cleaning efforts.  But, there again, this may still have to begin with a deep cleaning just for the simple fact that they have been missing so many things, that your home will not be totally clean unless we clean it that way.  It takes more time to do the first cleaning.  We want your home to be thoroughly cleaned!  So for us to accomplish our detailing goals, we MUST charge an initial rate to begin.  Each home will be priced based on the condition of your home.  We base the price on three (3) levels:  Normal, Heavy and Extreme.  So we would greatly appreciate not trying to reduce our price for the great detail cleaning we do for you to start off to a mear "regular cleaning rate". 

We want to provide the best possible cleaning for you at all times, just not a hit and miss like most people are receiving. 

Please understand that we are not like other cleaners.  We do DETAILED cleaning.  The absolute best cleaning that my girls can do. 

It will definately be worth every penny!


Peace of Mind Every Time Your Home is Cleaned

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