Cleaning Services
1.  Initial Home Cleanings:

We begin cleaning your home with an initial cleaning.  Of course, you can expect this "detailed cleaning" to cost more based on the factors of:
1) level of cleaning (light, medium, heavy, or extreme)
2)first detailed cleaning for the home (its been along time for window, baseboard, door, door trim, window trim, detailed cleaning of the furniture, etc.)
3)items to be cleaned (such as knick-nacks, movable furniture, pictures and decorations in the home, books in bookcases, just all the items that will need to be moved for cleaning)

Please click HERE for a cleaning list for "deep" cleanings.

The Initial Home Cleaning gets your house ready for the maintanence cleaning of your choice (weekly or bi-weekly) .  This detailed cleaning  is really important to have done first, that is why it is basically "mandantory" for all new customers.  We want you to experience the "total cleaning of your home".  Our experience is that if we begin only with a regular maintenance cleaning of your home, then alot of important things will not really be cleaned to the fullest.  Wet washing areas such as windows, baseboards, doors, door trims, window trims, are just so important.  You will be so surprised at how much dirt and grime we will find.  It is definitely worth it.  Should there be any concerns, this will be discussed in our first meeting when the quoted cleaning price is given.  

**Initial cleanings can take between 3-8 hours, depending upon the size of your home, what level of cleaning is needed (normal, medium, heavy, extreme)

2.  Regular Housecleaning

Nothing is "wet washed" in this cleaning.  Appointmnets must be made 2 weeks in advance to allow for any modifications from the original "maintainance cleaning list".

*Weekly - Working parents, kids in sports, this is the cleaning for you.  Our weekly cleanings are for customers who just really are too busy with work, sporting activities, etc. and usually have both husband and wife in the workforce.  Or maybe you just do not have the time to clean on your house due to other reasons or you just prefer to keep your house looking great and being able to maintain it easier with weekly cleanings.  Either wey, we can help.

*Bi-weekly - Our most requested service.  It is the best cleaning for customers that have time to help with the upkeep of their home in between cleanings.  They vacuum, sweep and mop their floors in between our cleanings.  They also are able to clean their kitchens and bathrooms and do normal dusting on the weeks that we are not cleaning.  Some customers decide to change to weekly cleanings after they see that maintaining their home may be more of a challenge then they want.

*Monthly -  Popular service for those empty nesters and elderly.  Maybe you just don't have all the traffic you used to in your home, but you still would like a clean space.  We still do all of the maintenance cleaning, just once per month.  These cleanings are on Mondays.

3.  Spring/Fall Cleanings
This cleaning is done usually 2 times per year.  This is basically a "deep" cleaning for your entire house.  We try to clean everything from top to bottom.  Please click HERE for more information on what is cleaned.

4.  One Time Cleanings
Maybe you just need a one time cleaning.  Your ill, broke a arm or leg and cannot do the necessary cleaning you need in your home.

5.  Move In/Move Out Cleanings
You have enought to worry about just trying to relocate to another home.   Let us do the cleaning for you.

6.  New Construction Homes
Home Contractors or after someone buys a home.  Cleaning your home after the hard job of building?  That is overwhelming with all the dust and dirt left behind by the contractors and subs.  We can help.

7.  Apartment turnover move outs
Cleaning for the next move in tenant is important.  We will have your property ready for that next family moving in.

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