Please provide the following items for our cleaning teams.

1.  Two (2) separate cleaning caddys.  Can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Target.

2.  Swiffer Extention and regular wands, plus a box of swiffer dusters.

3.  One caddy will be used strickly for kitchen use.  (See items needed in caddy below)

4.  One caddy will be strickly for bathroom use.  (See items needed in caddy below)

6.  DisposableToilet brush (see photos to the right) for each bathroom  

6.  Vacuum, in excellent working order.  Please be sure to keep vacuum maintained so that proper cleaning will be obtained. If your unit uses bags, please provide those.

7.  For higher ceiling fans over the normal 8 or 9 foot range, if you want those dusted, please provide a longer duster that we can reach those areas.

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Courteous, Professional Crew
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Customer to Supply

In an effort to accomplish a thorough cleaning experience for you and to also give you options in the cleaning supplies we will be using in your home, I have complied a listing of good name brand supplies.  Feel free to use your favorites so long as they have the same cleaning/disinfectant properties.  This will give you examples to go by, and secondly, you can trade out products that are your favorite scents.

On the first initial cleaning, we will provide all cleaning supplies necessary to clean your home.  After that, we ask that you provide replacements for the supplies that will be running low.  My cleaning team leaves a list of products of what will be needed prior to your next scheduled cleaning.  It is very important to double check your supplies prior to your cleaning date, to make sure that we have sufficient supplies.

Upon establishing a weeking, biweekly or monthly rotation regular maintenance cleaning, I will provide you  a Starter Kit which includes microfiber cloths, microfiber dustmop and either one (1) or two (2) microfiber mops.  Please ONLY use this Starter Kit for our cleaning with your home.  I would appreciate not using them in other areas, garage, car work, etc.  If you use them in your home with the in between cleaning you do, please have ALL items freshaly laundered and in the area where your cleaning supplies are located. Only wash with your laundry detergent and a cap full of bleach to disinfect.  NO softner or dryer sheets.

Items I provided:  mop buckets, mop handles, dustmop handle, hard-working cleaning teams.

Skelton’s Cleaning Service
Request for cleaning supplies needed
Please have the “checked” items prior to your next scheduled cleaning

PLEASE NOTE:  These cleaning items are for example use for what to purchase.  Brand specifics as PineSol and Lysol are not necessary , but are great cleaning products. 

Dusting Zone:
_________ Dusting product (Pledge, Endust)
_________ Swiffer refills
_________ Swiffer Extendable Wand (this is used for high dusting, cobwebs, etc)
________ _Trash can liners for trash cans in living and/or bedroom areas – please get correct size liners
_________ Window Cleaner (Sprayaway, or your favorite)

Kitchen Zone:
_________ Murphy’s Oil Soap
_________ Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (used to disinfect) Suggestions:  Lysol, PineSol, Mr. Clean
_________ Comet (for sink cleaning)
_________ Stainless Cleaner – suggestions Sprayaway Stainless at Wal-Mart
_________ Dishwashing Liquid (for small dishes that are hand-washed)
_________ Dishwasher paks for use with dishwasher loads of dishes
_________ 13-gallon size trash can liners

Bathroom Zone:
_________ Mean Green (Wal-Mart and Dollar General has gallon refills for $5.00)
_________ LimeAway Spray (for cleaning shower doors and tough, heavy soap scum on fiberglass showers)
_________ Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (used to disinfect) Suggestions:  Lysol, PineSol, Mr. Clean
_________ Toilet Wand Kit (comes with container to store wand and refills)
_________ Toilet Wand refills
_________ Clorux Cleanup  -- ONLY, if you have the old fashion toilet bowl brushes
________ _4-gallon trash can liners for small trash cans
________ _8-gallon trash can liners for medium trash cans

_________ Spray bottles – we need replacements because your sprayer nozzles no longer work
_________ Scotchbrite blue non-scratch sponges – please get at least a 6-pack
_________ ProForce Multisurface Floor Cleaner (Sam’s Club $5 for a gallon size – or your favorite product)